2016: A Year in Review

2016: A Year in Review

2016 was a year full of change, growth, learning and opportunity. I changed careers, I went back to school full-time and I ended a two-year relationship. I learned more about myself; what I like and dislike, and I spent time with family and friends. I figured it would be a fun activity to reflect back on all I got up to in 2016, and to be honest I was surprised by how MUCH I did get into (both good and bad!) Without further ado – here is my life in twelve paragraphs for the past year.

January 2016

I rang in the New Year by taking a couple of days off from my new job to spend time with family and friends. I rang in the New Year with a sprinkling of new and old friends; and enjoyed going out to dinner in Boston before having a house party (highly recommended!). I spent time with my friend’s baby (then three-months old and the perfect snuggle buddy). I also went skiing once, and integrated myself at my new company.

New Year's meal
Chicken and waffles – delicious

February 2016

I remember February pretty distinctly – it was a conversation I had with a fellow coworker. A lightbulb went off in my head; this wasn’t the career I wanted anymore. I wanted a change, but didn’t realize it until tax season was in full swing. I tried to limit my complaints and the realization of not wanting to do public accounting anymore. I took some allotted Saturday’s off from work to be with friends and loved ones, and got to enjoy working from home.

Working from home
Working from home has it’s perks!

March 2016

March was a big blur – working six or seven days a week, 60+ hours, and dealing with snow and an hour commute to work.

Tax season sustenance
The only two things getting me through tax season

April 2016

Ah; the temperatures got warmer, tax season finally ended (April 19th this year!), and I rebuilt my social life again! I spent a day exploring Salem, MA and LOVED all the history, historical homes, and the Peabody Essex Museum. I went out in Boston with some friends I made from work, in which we ate our way through Chinatown and the new Boston Public Market.

Peabody Essex Museum
Peabody Essex Museum
Chinatown in Boston, MA
Dim sum in Chinatown!

May 2016

May was a busy month, and always will be! I turned twenty-five this past May, and celebrated it on a Friday night at a dive bar with some of my closest friends. I talked to strangers, did shots, and managed to not have a massive hangover the next day (WIN). I travelled to Seattle to visit my brother and ventured over to Vancouver for a couple of days to explore and see a friend from the China trip. I realized I was ready to end my two-year relationship, and seriously researched alternative careers and plans from public accounting. Basically, I turned twenty-five in May and had the typical quarter-life crisis.

Seattle Space Needle

Stumptown Roasters

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver skyline

 June 2016

I not-so-secretly applied to Suffolk University’s MBA program and started researching travel options to Southeast Asia for the months of November and December. I ended my two year relationship, which was difficult but the right choice. I had a good friend visit from the China trip, and I booked trips and concerts to attend for the rest of the summer!

Legal Seafood Harbor
Boston Seaport District

July 2016

I got accepted to the MBA program in July at Suffolk University for the fall semester. So, I changed my travel plans and put the Southeast Asia trip on hold for another time. I tried to hide my acceptance from work (didn’t work as well as I hoped!). I had a great July 4th weekend – visiting Portsmouth, NH; participating in our neighborhood’s annual July 4th party; and spending the actual 4th with good family friends in Portland, ME. I attended a Journey – The Doobie Brothers – Dave Mason concert all by myself, where I sat in the pouring rain and loved it. I went to a Bob Dylan concert and flew out to Chicago the next day for a weekend of sightseeing and fun! I travelled to Washington D.C the following weekend to visit a cousin and do more sightseeing.

13566916_10207069652482908_6779720341277046155_n 13620045_10207091746235238_2913849778040736398_n 14045828_10207459622391912_686027399623166275_n

The Library of Congress
The Library of Congress in Washington D.C
Thomas Jefferson Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C
I have a thing for Thomas Jefferson
The Doobie Brothers
If you squint you can see band members of The Doobie Brothers

August 2016

I finished my public accounting career on August 1st, and subsequently spent the next two weeks watching the Summer Olympics on three different devices simultaneously (go ahead and judge). I went to an O-Town and 98 Degrees concert with some close friends. I saw Boston in Concert on the 40th anniversary tour in Boston, MA. I did some long bike rides in preparation for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics (which was shortly forgotten in favor of beach days!).

Boston the band
Boston playing in Boston for their 40th anniversary tour
Fan-girl moment over meeting a member of O-Town

September 2016

September was definitely a month of changes. I went back to being a full-time student and having no steady income streams. I stressed over what to study and what direction my life was headed. I visited family in Illinois for a long weekend; the first time being back since my Grandma died last summer. September was a transition month, that’s for sure!

Those Illinois sunsets

October 2016

I became used to being a poor college student. I started working on my business idea. I began dating again (not very successful!). I spent time celebrating my friend’s kid’s first birthday (he needs to stop growing!). I went to a Halloween/Housewarming party for a good friend and met some awesome people.

Witching weekend for Halloween!

November 2016

November was a tough month. I exercised my right to vote, got to meet all of the New Hampshire candidates running for public office, and even researched running for local public office myself. I spent a weekend in New York City seeing the same friend from Vancouver and made new friends, participated in karaoke and danced the night away at an 80s dance club (these need to be everywhere!). I started working part time at the Ann Taylor Factory Store, and subsequently spent a whole month paycheck on clothes there. I also binge-watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (WTH happened here!?).

Maggie Hassan
Current Senator from New Hampshire – Maggie Hassan
Fall in Central Park
Fall in Central Park is beautiful

December 2016

Ch-ch-changes! I booked my flight to Hong Kong, I registered my business with the state, I started this blog, and I got my first bookkeeping client for freelance work. I finished my first semester of the MBA program with a fabulous GPA, I went on a ski trip with my family, and I chowed down on Christmas Cookies and Latkes for Christmukkah.

Killington Mountain
Killington Mountain views

2016 was an exciting year for me – full of changes and growth. The changes were challenging, but I am so thankful for each and every opportunity afforded me. I loved spending time with my family, friends, and meeting people along the way. I am so excited to see what is in store for 2017, and aren’t as scared or nervous for the upcoming year as I usually am (hope that’s not a bad thing!). Stay tuned for my 2017 resolutions goals!

— Jess

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