Update: Jess on a Journey is still alive!

Update: Jess on a Journey is still alive!

I’m alive! Which isn’t too far-fetched considering what I’ve been through in the past few months! Here’s some updates from the past six months on my crazy life: First and foremost – I officially finished my MBA! I recently got the official diploma in the mail, and it was SO exciting. I am so, so proud of myself for this accomplishment, and I think it’s because of all the stuff I dealt with! (most of it was awesome, some was not). Other updates from the past six months include: Two international trips, three part time jobs, a full course load and two to three hour commutes everyday, and spraining my ankle horrendously (more on that later!). Nonetheless, I managed to pass spectacularly, and actually figured out what I want to do (sort of).

MBA diploma
Official MBA graduate!
Paraty, Brazil
One of many beautiful scenes from Brazil

I’m currently working full-time as an Assistant Manager at a local retail store, and I’m getting great management experience and learning how to properly and efficiently run a business. I’ve realized I still need travel in my life, and lots of it. I just love the thrill of hopping on a plane, meeting new people, exploring new places and blending in as a local (or attempting to at least!).

Lastly – I did sprain my ankle, and in true Jess fashion. I ended up standing up from a desk chair and spraining my ankle. The ankle swelled up right away, and my coworker took me to a nearby emergency room. My parents drove an hour to get me, since of course it was my driving ankle. I was wearing skinny jeans so those had to get caught off. My two buds became my best friends for a couple of weeks – Bob and George. Two months of physical therapy followed, and frequent visits with the orthopedist are on the to-do list. Honestly, spraining the driving ankle was not fun, but it could have been a lot worse. And let’s be real – it’s kind of hilarious that I sprained my ankle THAT badly simply from standing up.

My best buds Bob and George

So what does all this mean? I’ve decided to get back into blogging again, mainly because it’s fun and I enjoy it! I also have more content and direction for the blog. So in the next few months – expect content on my trips to Brazil and Seattle, some local activities I’ve done and seen in New England, my upcoming trip to Ireland and my big plans for 2018!! Oh, and remember that post about a bucket list I made back in February!? Well, some of those are actually being checked off the list currently, so I’m super excited to start sharing updates about how those adventures are turning out!

bucket lists
The Bucket List is coming true!

I leave you with my 26 year-old motto: #JOLO. (Jess Only Lives Once). Which in hindset might not be as funny as I intended considering my clumsiness and lack of common sense at times.


— Jess

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