The best of Seattle

The best of Seattle

Seattle was never on my list of places to visit, but when my brother moved to the city over two years it quickly became one of my favorite West Coast cities. To be fair, I’ve only been to Long Beach, CA once and Seattle twice, so my opinions of the West Coast thus far are limited! I first traveled to Seattle in the Summer of 2016 with my ex, and I quickly fell in love with the city. So much coffee! and food! and culture! I was insanely spoiled with sunny days and eighty degree weather every day. I visited Seattle again this past summer with my parents, and once again got spoilt with warm weather and sunny days. Some of my favorites in Seattle:


Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is known for it’s quirkiness and large LGBTQ community, but it has so much more to offer than just that! I love all the parks, cute old houses next to modern apartments, and all the great small restaurants and coffee shops.  I visited Fogon Cocina Mexicana for great Mexican food and margaritas. Capitol Hill has a plethora of coffee shops, and I made sure to try and visit a new one everyday while visiting my brother. A great one I found was Cafe Argento, and I loved how the inside and outside meshed together. I also frequented a dive bar that was open until two in the morning on a weekday, and that was also a blast!


Fogon Cocina Mexicana
Best margarita



I heard some varying opinions on Belltown, but I loved it! It’s rough around the edges, but has so much to offer and to explore. I first went into Belltown with a friend I met at my hotel, and we visited a couple of great dive bars before happening on an awesome boutique store, Endless Knot. Later on in the week of my second trip I went back to Belltown by myself to a local bar, where I met an awesome couple from California and bar hopped for the night in Belltown. I recommend going with at least one other person, but it was pretty awesome – especially the secret speakeasy we found down a dark alleyway! (Shhh).


Endless Knot
Love this jumpsuit!



Lake Union

Lake Union seems to be an up and coming area for people to live. It seems to be a quieter neighborhood than Capitol Hill and Belltown, but still has a good amount of construction due to the growing population of Seattle. Is definitely the flatter part of Seattle, and makes a great walking neighborhood. Definitely check out Lake Union – there’s Duke’s Seafood and Chowder for great food and views of Lake Union, and definitely check out the Museum of History and Industry.

Lake Union, Seattle, WA
Views of Lake Union

Duke's Seafood and Chowder Restaurant

Tourist Attractions:

Seattle Space Needle

A must do tourist attraction in Seattle! I love the views from the top, getting to see Mount Rainier and the ocean and all the neighborhoods that make up Seattle.

Seattle Space Needle
Lucked out with all the blue skies!

Chihuly Art Museum 

This is by far my favorite art exhibit I’ve been to. As I’ve stated before, I’ve become a big fan of art museums, and this one does not disappoint. It is awe-inspiring to see how detailed and colorful the glass is formed and presented.  The museum is definitely worth the price, and plan on spending at least a couple of hours there!

Chihuly Glass
The most beautiful

Seattle Ferris Wheel

I’ve become brave in the past few years and have been slowly conquering my fear of heights. I love the Seattle Ferris Wheel because of the view of the ocean. It is also really cool when the ferris wheel brings you face to face with the Seattle Skyline because of the hills. My recommendation is to go right as the sun is setting – makes for some fabulous beauty and scenery – a bonus if you can get a glimpse of Mount Rainier!

Seattle Ferris wheel
Mount Rainier in the distance!

Other items to note:

Try to take a day trip to Snoqualmie Falls and the surrounding town. The falls are beautiful, but the town even more so. It transports you back to simpler times, and is beautiful to walk around and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Try to hit the hole in the wall restaurants – I went to an eight person Korean restaurant in downtown Seattle and they served the BEST bim bim bap. I also found some great coffee shops by walking down random side streets!

Lastly, be open to various lifestyles. Seattle is known to be a very welcoming and open city. The second time we were there, our hotel was blocks away from the annual pride parade. Unfortunately, we had plans to visit Snoqualmie Falls that day, but it was so inspiring to see so many different people come together for an event like this. Seattle – I wish more cities were as opening and welcoming as you are!

What are your must-do’s when visiting Seattle?


— Jess

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