What to Pack for Ireland

What to Pack for Ireland

I recently traveled to Ireland for a one week backpacking trip through the country. I’ve never actually traveled as a backpacker before, so doing both that AND losing my hostel-virginity in one trip was scary. I had done TONS of research before hand on what to pack, what not to pack, and honestly, I got a lot of conflicting advice. I somehow managed to sort through it all and came up with my own conclusions and a pretty solid list of what to pack. I am on the last leg of my trip in Ireland, and can say there is very little (if anything) I would’ve done differently! One big recommendation: buy sturdy clothing. I recently purchased leggings from a local retail store in my hometown, and the first time I wore a pair of leggings the seams started coming apart.

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I first had to research the weather to know what to pack. Thankfully it was very similar to my hometown’s weather, so I was able to simulate what I would wear in Ireland compared to what I was currently wearing at home. I also knew it would be raining and windy most of the time I was in Ireland, so a good jacket and rain boots were a necessity. Layer’s were recommended, and I am so glad I ditched the sweaters and went with shirt sleeve tops and a cardigan instead! Here is my list of what I brought with me to Ireland:

Ireland Packing List
My life in one backpack



Packing List:

2 long-sleeve workout tops

1 pair of capri workout bottoms

2 shirt-sleeve workout tops

3 shirt-sleeve dressy tops

2 long-sleeve dressy tops

1 long-sleeve black cardigan

1 pair of jeans

1 pair of waterproof hiking/walking shoes

1 pair of rainboots

1 rain jacket with insulation

1 grey scarf

underwear, bras and socks (enough for everyday plus one or two extra)

Also in my backpack:

1 sleeping bag liner (never used), but probably recommended for hostels in SEA and Central America

1 microfiber quick-drying towel

1 laundry bag

1 small make up bag, and 1 small ziploc bag for shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bath gel

1 pair of flip flops for the hostel showers

1 eye mask

ear plugs

First Aid Kit

Ireland Packing List


Overall, I did really well with what I packed for my one week trip to Ireland. As stated before, if this was a longer backpacking trip I probably would’ve brought one or two less clothing items since I would be doing laundry along the way. I was happy with having some long-sleeve tops and shirt-sleeve tops, and the cardigan worked well for layers.  Another scarf would’ve been nice, since it is lightweight, doesn’t take up too much space, and adds more variety to any outfit. I could have left the sleeping bag liner at home. The workout tops were a big winner, and I probably would’ve brought more. These worked out wonderfully on my train trip days or just regular days when I was going to be doing a lot of working or exercising.


Do you have any recommendations on what to bring for a backpacking trip?


— Jess

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