Jess on a Journey – New Direction & Redesign

Jess on a Journey – New Direction & Redesign

Oh hi old friends! And when I say old friends I mean my best bud and mom (if she stills reads this?). I’ve been working on this blog haphazardly for the past two years without a clear direction. But, I quickly realized how unexciting it was for me to blog about my travels. I’d much rather do that in person with friends over a few beers. This blog will now be dedicated to traveling, budgeting and saving as a twenty-something year old (or 30-something year old!).

Since I am officially in my late-twenties (gulp!), 27 to be exact, I feel like I can offer some advice and impart knowledge to you young ones out there. Sprinkle in a degree in accounting and an MBA; owning this business and this business; and solid financial advice from my parents growing up, I feel semi-qualified to do this. (Disclaimer: I am not a certified anything, so if you are looking for financial advice please reach out to a certified financial planner/advisor).

Remote Work
Working Remotely

By doing a quick google or youtube search about budgets and finances, there is a plethora of information on how to budget and save. But, let’s be real, they contain a lot of fluff (Erin Condren stickers for your weekly budget check-in or Dave Ramsey’s how to get out of debt), and not a lot of solid advice. (I may be partially biased – I apologize in advance if you use either one of these!). This blog is the “Jess on a Journey” method, in which I give you the advice and knowledge straight without any fluff (but lot’s of sarcasm and humor). I’ll also let you know it’s okay to make mistakes and not have it all figured out. I’m still learning and figuring things out myself! I’ll be straight up honest with you about my struggles and places where I can improve.

Seattle Airport - Mt Rainier
Early Morning Travels

So, what can you look out for in the next few months? To start I’ll discuss the importance of an emergency fund, retirement contributions and, the “buckets of savings”. I’ll also talk about good vs bad debt, how to set up and maintain a realistic budget for yourself, and how to still have a really fun and awesome life in your twenties without having to sacrifice a beer (or three) on a Friday night or a trip to London & Paris with some girlfriends. I’ll also talk about starting, running and owning a small business, working remotely, and all my tips and tricks for traveling and trip planning & budgeting. I promise to be semi-transparent and use my own financial journey as an example to others; perhaps including monthly budget recaps and long-term trip planning.

Small Business - Working Remote
Small Business Owner

I want to know what YOU want to learn more about. Is it saving, budgeting, or starting a small business? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to plan a trip or work remotely? Whatever it is, please let me know in the comments! I look forward to starting this awesome “(insert name here) on a journey” with you!


— Jess

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